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Spectrum Issue 16 | Friendship

Photography: Andrew Grimes | Art Direction: Natasscha Girelli @Era Management | Styling: Karen Lebrati @ Zara Ronchi Represents | Hair and Makeup: Jo Butt | Production: Frank Production | Models: Monique Fourie @ Kido, Yothando Kola @ Kids, Henry Joubert @ Kids and Mzingisi Mgwetyana @ Funky Models Special thanks to Frank Production Cape Town

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We asked Andrew to tell us a little about the Friendship shoot.

How did your photography journey begin?

I studied Fine Art and somehow ended up art directing. From there it was simply wanting to take pictures rather than rely on someone interpreting your idea.

What was the story behind this editorial?

I loved the idea of brilliant color and friendship in the brutalist monochrome architectural landscape.

What was it like shooting monotone clothing for this shoot?

Very interesting as it removes some of the choices which can sometimes get in the way of creating an interesting picture.

What does color mean to you?

It’s hard to imagine a world without color. Perhaps I become most aware of it when I visit hot, sunny countries which are so different from the UK.