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Hooligans Spectrum Issue 16 | LOVE

Photography: Isabel Pinto | Art Direction: Natasscha Girelli @Era Management | Styling: Karen Lebrati @ Zara Ronchi Represents | Hair and Makeup: Safiyah Cassim Khan @ One League | Models: Hasna @ Celeb Agency


Isabel Pinto talked to us about the “Love” shoot.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

The light of Mozambique, where I was raised, influenced the way I see and feel light today, the humanity I felt growing up has structured me, altogether took me to live between two of most beautiful cities Lisbon and Cape Town, a choice of heart and light.

What was the story behind this shoot?

Natasscha Girelli, our amazing AD, knew I was very keen to do a red editorial, even before the Spectrum Concept. So destiny took it ́s course, and we all met in Cape Town with Karen Lebrati surprising us on every single change. We shot this so red story with the fantastic little model Hasna, who was so patient with all the head changes, being so many characters, and keeping her spirits always high.

What has been your favorite photoshoot to shoot?

After 30 years doing this, I do not have a preferred photoshoot, but so many amazing ones, so many special and unique moments, ideas and team spirit, all that fuels and inspires us to keep doing what we do!

When you hear the word red, what comes to mind?

Passionate love, love, life

What things cause you to “go red”?

Disrespect, downsizing banality

Working in Capetown South Africa, what colors do you see most in your daily life?

There are so many colors in Cape Town, but I would say BLUE is the main color, the skies are blue in a very unique way, clear, strong and designed.

Are there colors that are easier to shoot than others?

Yes, in the time of film, army green, bottle green, were colors that were not photo sensitive, so they would come up as gray. It was really hard to have those greens come to light. Now, on digital era, it is the reds, strong pinks and neon colors that seem more hard to shoot.....but here we go, we have our RED story, and the REDS are there!